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February 3, 2020

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Great Adventure with COGY

June 5, 2017

Enjoy the full report from Ben's mother, on his 6th day with COGY.


"Sun 4th June

Today we went on a great adventure.



 At 11 o'clock, we took COGY to Ben's grandparents' to introduce them. Ben's aunty Jo (who is an OT) and great uncle and aunty John & Mary were also visiting. We spent approximately 1/2 hour riding around the driveway which has a gentle incline and slope. Ben did very well and left all amazed. 


We stopped for a bit, had some lunch, then decided to go to Rotoroa Lake. There is a pathway that goes around it. Mike dropped us off half-way then drove to the other side. Ben drove COGY approximately 1.8km around to the other side of the lake on a mission to get ice-cream. "The EPIC ice-cream quest", Ben called it. He got a lot of encouragement along the way from passersby. Ben kept on telling us how great he felt. We didn't think he would make it but he easily did, with very little help.


After ice-cream, we thought for sure, Ben would be tired, but no. Then went to a park in Grey St. where we met some friends and Ben mazed on-lookers with his amazing skills (Koko's note: probably donut and sharp cornering). There was a large area for Ben and COGY to play.


We finally got home at about 4.30pm. We all had a great day. Ben and COGY got a workout. I would be surprised if Ben isn't sore tomorrow. He will sleep well tonight."



I also love the way she mentions COGY as if it (or he?) is another person.

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