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February 3, 2020

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boys to men

June 2, 2017

I received a very lovely message today, from Ben's mum.


Ben is a 10 years old boy, with paresis on his legs through cerebral palsy. He is experiencing growing pain these days, which discourage him from walking/standing. 


Ben used to walk 10-12 mins on treadmill about 3 years go, but not at all in the last few months. He cannot stand long enough because of the growing pain followed by the weakened muscles. His parents were worried about him getting weaker on his legs. Then, they found COGY's information and contacted me. 



Today is his 4th day with COGY.

"Ben managed to walk for 6 minutes on the treadmill. He has decided a bit odd muscle pain is good because its his muscles growing. The physio was surprised. "


I am surprised, too. I don't think Ben became strong, just after 4 days of COGY exercise. Its more about motivation, I think.


I remember, he refused with tear when I asked him to show me how he walks on his walking frame. It was his 1st day with COGY. One week later, I brought COGY to him for long term trial. Not only he came out to welcome me with a big smile, he stood up for me from his wheelchair grabbing a bar, so that he can transfer himself to COGY. It was very different from what I heard from his parents. Really? Can you actually stand that long? I think he did his very best because he really wanted to be on COGY.


I'm glad COGY gave him a motivation.



His mum also says,

"Ben reckons it feels good being a little sore in the morning because his muscles must be growing."


Another of her message was also delightful. It was on the following morning of Ben's first day with COGY.

"As expecting, Ben woke up with a massive smile and tells me, 'I have sore muscles'."


A boy is growing up to a man through sore muscles.


check out this youtube video.

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