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February 3, 2020

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How COGY helps with walking difficulties? -gait

June 3, 2017

Here is a very interesting report from Ben's mum, regarding his gait.


"Friday 2nd June (4th day with COGY)

Today, Ben visited his physio at the hospital and managed 2 x3 minutes bursts of walking on the tread mill. His gait was wider than I have ever seen and his steps were strong."



As you may know, many people with weakened legs have particular gait. knee falls in (or out) and ankles are also un-stable. It is amazing she found changes in Ben's gait only on his 4th day with COGY.


I observed Ben

when he was on COGY. His knees stays tidy in the middle. Although they sometimes wobbles in/out, it seems to me that Ben knows that COGY goes easier when his knees are in the middle. I can see him trying to keep his knees straight.




By the way, I really liked this statement, too.

"Ben is sleeping very well with the extra exercise he's receiving from hanging out with COGY."


Hanging out. Sounds like Ben and COGY made a good friends with each other.





I would like any feedback, idea, opinion from healthcare professionals.

Please comment below.


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