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February 3, 2020

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"Safe exercise". Is that really possible?

May 25, 2017

When people with walking difficulty want to exercise, we get into dilemma. We would love to encourage them. But also, "what if they have a fall?". We will also think, "Am I going to be blamed for not supervising them enough?". With all those "Health and safety" regulation, we are even more nervous these days.


What happens if people don't exercise then? Knees will get rusty, the muscle will lose flexibility. Then people may even get injured from just a tiny movement. They will keep themselves even far away from moving their body. Cardio problems may follow. 


This happened to my aunty. She had a small heart problem since before. The heart problem discouraged her from going out. She didn't want to feel sick on the way to somewhere. She lives in a rural area. Not many people are around to help her in case of problem. Also, even if she want to have a brief break during her walk, there is nowhere to have a seat. 



These walking frames are great in this regard. In case we feel tired, we can use the walker as a seat. Then we can start walking again when we feel good enough.





Now, going back to my aunty. Because she did not walk as much as she should have, her knee got rusty. Now she has problem bending her knees, too. Bad spiral. Less exercise > less mobility > even harder to move the body > even less mobility..


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