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February 3, 2020

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I had a good day

May 24, 2017

I met 3 sets of very motivating people today. (I mean, I was motivated by these people.)



First, I went to a mobility devices shop in Papatoetoe to get seat belts for COGY. The man who is looking after the shop is very open minded. We enjoyed conversation. He says he is semi-retired, being in his 70s. I asked him, to keep on his business at least 5 more years, so that I can learn from him. He is definitely a person who I would like to visit and have a chat when I stuck. 


I actually already have another set of people in disability industry, whom I would like to visit from time to time. The people at ILS (Independent living service) are them. It is such a motivation for my life to see people who loves what they do and open for new ideas.


Second, I visited a family to demonstrate COGY. They have a lovely 10 years old boy (Ben) with paralyses on his legs. Not only he enjoyed pedalling COGY. I really liked the way they are. It's hard to make it into writing, just I liked it. They gave me lots of inspiration about "quality of life", not just about disability-health point of view.


Third, I visited a rehab place close from the family's house. The father of the family said, they may be interested in COGY, then I decided to visit there, too. The guy at the shop (this place looks more like mobility scooter shop than a rehab place) didn't make that "WTF, we are busy, you are not welcome unless you drop us money, or you reduce our work amount" face, which I often see, unfortunately. Not only that, he was very much interested in COGY, and started talking how much one of his clients will benefit from it. He said, he has passion on his job, as occupational therapist etc. I truly believe his word. I think I lived long enough to feel the true words. And, what he does is very much like me. Everything. He has a title as a occupational therapist (which is different from me), but he doesn't just stop there. He keeps on helping people whose life will be better with his help. This is what I understood (or decided) from 10 mins talk with him.


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