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February 3, 2020

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When Katie first met COGY

May 13, 2017

It was the beginning of April 2017 when we (COGY and Koko) first met Katie at Hamilton Gardens.

She was on her wheelchair, pushed by her mum.


According to her mum, Katie experienced a brain injury when she was 9 months old. Since then, her condition is very much like cerebral Palsy. In November 2015, Katie got through a big operation on her hip. The rehabilitation has not been going very well on Katie, and her mum was looking for a good solution for her.


Katie tried pedalling COGY at Hamilton Gardens. I couldn't really tell how much she was enjoying it, but according to her mum, she did enjoy it. Katie is usually not good at any new experience, but she did quite well on the day. Katie grabbed my arms. I was confused, and her mum kindly told me "she is giving you a cuddle". How sweet! This made my whole day (and week, and month), actually.


 Here is the video


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