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February 3, 2020

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Katie got COGY

May 13, 2017

Katie got her OWN COGY today!


She enjoyed pedalling it on the sunny deck.

We look forward to seeing how she enjoys COGY from now on.


Katie is a 12 years old girl. She usually uses a wheelchair and her mum usually pushes it.

According to her mum, Katie had brain injury when she was 9 months old. Her condition is very similar to cerebral palsy. She is a little shorter than me (Koko, 150cm) but her legs are longer, as you can see on the photo ;-). 


At first we thought of trying out S size as well (M size is for 150cm or taller). But I am glad that she got M size. I guess Katie is in her growing years. COGY will stay as her best friend for long years.


I am not sure how much Katie understands how COGY works (pedalling > moving). But it seems to me that she enjoys the synchronisation of her own body (legs) movement and COGY (going forward/backward). Understanding the pedalling mechanism may probably be the hardest part with cerebral palsy and similar condition. But I am sure she will eventually get it. 


Another thing I am curious is, pedalling may help her even when pushed by a carer. When someone push COGY from behind, the pedals go around, too. Katie will be "forced" to bend her knee and stretch it out continuously, and alternatively (right/left). This will at least keep her knees from getting rusty. And I hope to find much more.


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