For the patients with severe hemiplegia, long-time wheelchair sitting is unavoidable, which however increases a risk of secondary impairments due to non-use of the affected leg. A cycling wheelchair (C-W/C) has a possibility to activate paretic muscle through self-locomotion with bilateral pedaling. We therefore measured driving speed of C-W/C and electromyogram (EMG) in...   read more

Cycling is known to be an effective rehabilitation exercise for hemiplegic patients who face difficulty during walking because of stroke or other brain disorders. A cycling wheelchair (CWC) is a useful tool to provide exercise for these patients and improve their quality of life. In previous ...   read more

Ueda Yuya
The Tohoku journal of experimental medicine, (20160100) Vol. 238, No. 1, pp. 33-8. Journal code: 0417355. E-ISSN: 1349-3329. L-ISSN: 0040-8727..

The cycling wheelchair (CWC) can be used as a pedaling exercise machine. However, physiological indexes in the CWC at various pedaling rates and the difference between the CWC and the existing pedaling machines such as the portable ergometer (ERG) ...    read more

The cycling wheelchair “Profhand” was developed in Japan as locomotion and lower limb rehabilitation device for hemiplegic subjects and elderly persons. Functional electrical stimulation (FES) control of paralyzed lower limbs enables application of the Profhand to paraplegic subjects as a rehabilitation device. In this paper, simplified muscle stimulation control for FES cycling with Profhand was examined for practical application...   read more

Aya Kaisumi, Yasuhisa Hirata, and Kazuhiro Kosuge

Wheelchairs, walkers, and electric wheelchairs are well-known support devices for patients with lowerlimb disabilities. However, disuse of lower limbs presents an ongoing barrier to rehabilitation, and can eventually lead to disuse syndrome. To overcome this situation, researchers have...  read more

This article presents a design of novel wheelchair with a leg exoskeleton for locomotion that can be powered by user legs through a cycling action. In addition, the control system is designed...  read more

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