Size W/L/H:

XS (typically 4-7yo)


M (8-13yo)


L (14yo-adult)


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Crotch Belt

Many people experience their bottom slipping forward while on the chair. This crotch belt will secure the bottom position for safety, comfort and health.

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seat belt

allen key

Rear assistive stick

higher handle sets 

chest belt + slits on back rest

front bar system

leg strap

Crotch belt 

triangle cushion 

Pedal heel shaping

Longening pedal straps 

additional pedal straps 

short pedal crank set 

Wheel-pedal disengage system 

Knee guard 

Individual adjustment (Lower steering unit, special steering system etc) 

Options for you to access COGY

Trials, Individual sessions, Rental, Purchase, COGY clubs.

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