L 5000
M 4800
S 5450
(S COGY includes rear_assistive_stick and plain_pedal_set)


seat belt  0 (for a unit of COGY)
allen key 0 (for a unit of COGY)
Rear assistive stick 340
higher handle set 200
extra cushion for back 5cm + weatherproof cover 100
seat cover weather proof  L   M   S
chest belt + slits on back rest 120
front bar system 700
leg strap 70
Crotch belt 200
Pedal heel shaping 120
Longening pedal straps 120
spare pedal straps 20 each
short pedal crank set  TBD
Wheel-pedal disengage system  about 600? TBC
head rest from GTK  
lateral pads from Spex
Thigh divider from Spex
Knee guard frame
Individual adjustment (Lower steering unit, special steering system etc)
spare seat cushion 72
back rest cushion spare 72
rear tube L 35
rear tube M&S 20
plain pedal set 180
standard pedal set spare (M&L) 180
standard pedal set spare (S) 360


COGY (+ higher handle set, if needed)

1 day = 70 (no staying overnight)

3 days = 150 (up to 72 hours. eg Friday 1pm-Monday 1pm)

10 days = 350 (eg Friday to Monday on the following week)

1 month = 600

other accessories:

monthly price = 1/10 x purchase price

also stated on