-Use your pelvis instead of legs for pedalling.
-Feet up!
-pull up your foot, as well as push.


-steer by the metal bar. example

-Find your favourite angle/hight/position of steering unit. adjustment

-Find your favourite condition of the steering grip. example

-Do NOT steer while COGY is stoped

For supporters

-how to support the rider getting on to COGY

-how to support the rider while pedalling

-individual adjustments

-loading a COGY onto a boot. video


-chain tension. video

-Do NOT make the chain TOO TIGHT!!

-tyre pressure

-caster wheels



pedaling/steering is very heavy

>> tyre pressure?

my bottom slides forward on the seat

>> want a cushion on your back?

there are clunking movement when pedal

>> let your family member pedal. Are there still clunking movements? There usually are not. Clunking movement comes from the leg-feet movement not being smooth enough. Try keeping the feet up and clunking will be much less.

I feel sore on Hip joint

>> use pelvis. If not improving, take a rest and ask a therapist for advice

steering is very heavy

>> tyre pressure? also, make sure to keep on pedalling while steer.

I feel tight on my knees

>> let's make the distance between pedal and seat longer by

1) making the back rest velcro loose and seat depth deeper video

2) adding another cushion on seat to make it higher (but be careful not to make it too high, as gravitation centre will be high and will be more risk for tipping over)


Share your experience with us.
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