Hygiene procedure under COVID alert

Koko with COGY ltd.   05 June 2020

It is impossible for us to keep away from a rider (who trials COGY). Let’s practice good hygiene. Also, keep record on who, when, where we had come close.


If feeling sick, do not go out.


If there is any possibility of sneezing,

use of face mask (scarf etc will cover the mouth at least) is encouraged, just in case of accidental sneezing.


Ensure for people to fill in the COVID contact tracing form, 

if distance will be less than 1.5m (trial, having a good look, etc). also ask them to sanitise their hand.


avoid being close distance with a same person for more than 30 minutes (other than within household)


between each rider, please ensure below: 

-wipe COGY with disinfectant wipe or equivalent. especially, steering handle, arm rests, grip (the handle for carer from behind),

parking brake lever.

Make sure to wipe the metal frame within hand reach distance from rider/carer.

-sanitise our own hands

-seat fabric is tricky to wipe. spray type disinfectant (I usually dilute dettol in a spray bottle) may be useful.


Make sure to expose COGY under sunlight 

for 10 minutes or more every day.


Make sure to sleep well, eat well. Do not be afraid to take a rest if our guts tell us to. Try to keep our immune system up. Do not do anything we feel uncomfortable with at any degree.