With COGY, I will be ...

I am a young adult, living with my family.

I have difficulty controlling my legs.

(I am a powered chair user. or 

I am a manual wheelchair user, with carer pushing me most of the time etc)

(can pedal COGY by ourselves, or with a bit of help)

It’s FUN to pedal COGY.


social benefits:

1)I look cool

1)My friend can pick up me+COGY, with his car (not a van), for a day out, or a weekend getaway.

1)I can go to camp etc, where we cannot charge our powered chair.

1)I can go out in a rain.

5)I can go out for a walk with my friends, and get sweat together.

8)I may be able to do fun-walk event together with my friends.

5)I can feel free to chat up with a pretty girl/boy, because they usually look at me curiously,

and I am confident that I am cool.

Benefits to carers, benefits on safety:

2)My carers do not have to push me as much as manual wheelchair, because I can help them with pedalling.

12)I will lose weight in a good meaning, will be shaped, so that 

carers will be happier to support my weight.

13)With my legs stronger, my carers will be happier to support my weight,

because I can use my legs to bear a part of my weight.

rehabilitation benefits:

4)I can keep on stretching and bending my legs when I am not at the therapists.

11)I will become better transferring myself to a toilet bowl.

General health benefits:

9)My circulation will be better and I will become sick less often.

9)I sleep better

7)I may become much fitter after a few month

Mental, emotional, relationship benefits:

6)I feel refreshed after pedalling long distance.

10)I will not be grumpy as often as before.

14)My carers do not change as often as before. (back injury etc..) 

I can make a better team with my carers.