Is COGY (pedal wheelchair) collapsable?


What kind of vehicle can we put COGY on?

Any type other than sedans. It does not have to be a van. COGY fit into a hath of compact car, when rear seats are folded down. See how on youtube

Is any of the parts detachable to make it smaller for easier transportation?

brake/direction unit is detachable

Which parts are adjustable?

for users' size difference

-hight of arm rest

-hight/angle of direction unit

-hight of the seat back

-seat tension (both seat-face and back) (deeper/shallower)

for right/left handed

-direction unit (right or left)

Does COGY need electric power?


Is COGY for exercise, or for mobility?

Both. Unlike other equipments, we can carry out rehabilitation while we are living our own lives, with COGY.

COGY goes on the slope up to 8 degrees (almost as same as the limitation of manual wheelchair) (depending on user), runs much easier if the surface is flat, hard and smooth. example

Is there any condition COGY is not recommended?

If you have joint issues on ankles, knees, hip, please be mindful how your body responds. We can maintain the flexibility and strength on our joints by pedalling. However, if joints have to go too sharp in angle, it sometimes leads to negative consequences.

Adjusting the seat depth makes a big difference in this case.

Does COGY have gears to go faster?


Does COGY have electric assist?

No. But we are working to find out the possibility of adding a electric assist system. it may cost $2-3000, with extra 10kg-ish. also, will be more sensitive going on bumps.

Does COGY need maintenance?

-Keep the tyre well pumped up

-Keep the chain tension nice and tight, by using hex allan key. Find the hex head on the bottom side of chain cover.

-Keep the chain clean and oiled, especially after pedalling on a paddle, mud etc.

-Keep the caster wheels clean (and oiled,) especially after pedalling on a paddle, mud etc. Take any dust/hair etc off the caster wheels, use hose water splash/brush to wash the dirt off.

What should I do in case COGY broke.

COGY don't usually break. But most of the case, we can ask help at bike shops:

-puncture (we need to get special tube for rear tyre from Koko)

-Brake/direction wire adjustment/replace

-chain adjustment(for replacement, we need to get a new chain from Koko)

If not, ask Koko for help.

COGY's warranty is 5 years for the welded frame, 1 year for other parts (except consumables such as tyres, which does not have warrant).

I cannot afford COGY..

So far, people purchased COGY with funding through charity organisations, individual fundraising campaign and/or their own fund. for more, see a blog article and useful links

I'm interested in COGY, but not sure if I want my own.

We understand. We want many people to know about COGY. Experience the magic of COGY. We don't really care if you want your own or not. Let's try out first, then we will talk after. You may want to join our regular meet-ups. You may want to join local COGY club. You may have some idea for us when/where you want to use COGY at. Your feedbacks are all treasure for us.

Rental is also available. (Up to total $1500 will be deducted from purchasing price.)

What is the process like, to purchase one.

Try first. Some people get the feeling after trying 2-3 times. We will discuss with the size and other arrangement on COGY. We will discuss how you can introduce COGY into your life, and what we can do to support you.

How do you support me in the process?

We help you with

  • identifying your needs and how the COGY could fit into your lifestyle

  • arranging a demo and trial

  • scoping out a suitable induction training programme

  • determining your preferences and the initial settings of your COGY

  • liaising with you throughout the assembly and delivery process

  • induction and up to 3 hours of initial training in the use of your new COGY

  • ongoing coaching (available at additional cost)

  • becoming an active member of the COGY Community