What is COGY?

COGY, pedal-wheelchair does not use electricity. User has to use their own legs to move. But on COGY, the slightest amount of strength is enough to pedal. Therefore even the people who cannot stand, can pedal. There are mainly 2 reasons why pedalling COGY is so easy. One is mechanical design (gear etc). 2nd is the idea of activating CPG.

CPG (Central Pattern Generator) in our body

In case of repetitive movement like walking or chewing, once the action starts, it keeps on by CPG circuit, without signal from brain. When we walk, the CPG in the spinal cord generates the signals from one leg to the other. COGY is designed to make an efficient posture for activating this CPG cycle.

Benefit from COGY

Repetitive pedalling promotes neuroplasticity to recover from neurological condition. other than that:
-cardio-vascular benefit
-improvement in strength and flexibility
-stimulate brain function for better and longer life
-emotional benefits, general wellness
-prevents osteoporosis


Everyone has different way of enjoying COGY. Assessment/trial is the opportunity to figure out how you make the most of COGY.
Let's discuss, when/where to use COGY, see how it goes on trial, and review. It sometimes takes more than a few trial sessions to figure out the best for you.


Our goal is to set COGY usage into government funding/subsidising system, but it is not yet. So far, many people who purchased COGY were funded through charity organizations and individual fundraising-campaigns. Let's get through this together. If you are to make the most of COGY, we'll find a way.


We don't want your COGY to be a part of the garage furniture. 
-Find a favourite local bike shop. You need them in case of puncture etc.
-we'll keep in touch with you to make sure everything is going great.
-we organise social meetings for COGY users, too.

"COGY, we want you here in New Zealand"

We started the project in January 2017, starting in Auckland, New Zealand. Our final goal is to set COGY into NZ & AU government funding system so that people can benefit from COGY regardless of financial status.

3 steps of the project

We are on the 2nd step out of a 3-steps project.
1. Purchase the very first sample COGY and let people try out. COGY will be more known.
2. Purchase 10 more sample COGYs, so that we can let them at hospitals, shopping mall etc. COGY will be more popular and well recognized.
3. COGY will be well recognised and common. COGY will be set into government funding system.

Who is Koko

I (Koko, female) used to work as an rehabilitation assistant for people with neurological condition. When I first saw COGY on youtube, I could picture my clients on COGY and COGY expanding their ability, opportunity, motivation etc. I desperately wanted to see this, with my own eyes. Then I started to work on this project. I see myself as a representative of people, who believes in COGY. This is a great product. It'll not only benefit users, but will influence the whole society to become more productive.


Koko with COGY ltd.
Auckland, New Zealand


Koko with COGY ltd.  021-0293-5242(NZ)  02-8005-1384(AU)   Auckland, New Zealand