Our mission is, to make a positive impact onto global society by enabling the hidden abilities of people. This became our mission when we found COGY cycling chair, whereas it was just an idea. (How? >> blog)


Cycling Chair

Most of the wheelchair users have abilities to move their legs, though it is not enough to bear the weight or keep balance. By using cycling chair, wheelchair users can safely locomotive using their lower limbs, which is natural for human body. On top, users keep or regain the confidence for their autonomy.



An appropriate infrastructure will allow us to make the most of COGY. Wheel accessible environment, human support, knowledge, network, public-funding etc.

Old Globe

Worldwide Network

In this time of the history, we don’t only live domesticly. Using our powerful internet environment, why not share the idea with people all over the world? is a network of users, carers and engineers of COGY, welcoming enquiry/feedback from anywhere on this planet earth.

world info network

Zoom Room Open Every Week

We organise regular zoom meeting for current and future COGY users, families, therapists, supporters. Request for hours/days welcome.

1)Fridays biweekly 1am (UTC0)  

Meeting ID: 720 3509 8597, Password: fridayavo

2)Sundays biweekly 7am(UTC0)  

Meeting ID: 718 6834 8138, Password: sundayeve

Newest schedule at facebook events. (

COGY club meeting at a shopping mall

Current Options to access COGY

Trials, Individual sessions, Rental, Purchase, COGY clubs, are available.
COGY clubs are free of charge to join. It is a open meeting for very light exercise (some people call it recreational walking), for both non-wheelchair-users and wheelchair-users. You are welcome to use our COGY. If you are a wheelchair user and want to use COGY, that’s also welcome.


Koko with COGY ltd.

HQ in Auckland NZ