COGY   cycling chair


easy, safe, FUN

-socially + emotionally life-enhancing
-won’t fall, with low gravitation centre
and assist wheels.
-less weight to hold for
caretakers, reducing the risk of injuries.
-maneuverable and sturdy,
suitable for indoor + outdoor
-CE(EU) and FDA(USA) approved

Proven neuro-rehabilitation tool

-stimulates the spinal cord’s walking CPG to promote instinctual movement, even with leg paralysis.

-enables tremendous amount of repetition without exhaustion and fear.

-stroke, MS, CP, spinal cord injury, brain injury

-promotes coordination of hands, legs, eyes and ears.

-same cardio benefit as light exercise.

-Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, obesity

Am I able to pedal?

Even a person who was bedridden for 5 years pedalled. Why not you? Contact us to arrange a trial! (You are also welcome to come along to one of the exhibition events )

cerebral palsy and COGY.png

"Miro looks much less disabled on COGY.
People treat him much more positively"

Miro / 25yo / Cerebral Palsy

WACC regular outing April 2020
Hobsonville Point Ferry Wharf, NZ

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Welfare Technology Evaluation for the Profhand PEDAL Wheelchair

Copenhagen Municipalty Health and Care Administration Centre for Health 2016

The Health and care Administration in the Municipality of Copenhagen has under the auspices of the Department for Health Development evaluated the PEDAL Wheelchair...

Is COGY small enough to go in the boot?

COGY is designed to be light and compact. about 15.7kg. It easily fits into the boot of a hatchback (even of those compact cars).

Is COGY electric power assisted?

COGY does not use any external power than human power. However the peddling is very light. Even the people who have not used their legs for many years will find it easy to pedal on COGY.
But, please do not go "crazy" by going up/down a steep hill for thrilling experience etc ;-). I know we love adventures, but your safety comes first for us.

Where can I try COGY?

Please check it out at test ride events. Individual trial is also welcome. Please contact us through email / Facebook


Koko with COGY ltd.  021-0293-5242(NZ)  02-8005-1384(AU)   Auckland, New Zealand